First success of Way Up Records dating back to 2000 and it was thanks to collaboration with Live Jays group that started its activity on the music market in 1998.
Live Jays group start they music experience as a band playing live music. They were performing in many Italian clubs with the formula live & disco as very enthusiastic crowds especially during those years.
After the success of their firs record called “Over you”, the song which make them famous was called “Keep or setting me free”. From 1999, Live Jays was an international project which collected more than 15 license in all around the world and sold more than 50 000 copies and several successful compilations .
Since the first productions, Claudio Caccini plays a crucial role in Live Jays group. He was not only the performer but also the mind in every point of view. Moreover, he represents the driving and creative force in all aspects from an early age.

After 12 years Live Jays project return with new funky, downbeat style track called “You are all I need“, performed by Carl Fanini – ex-singer of “Clubhouse” and “East Side Beat“.